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Ripley Census of 1810

Ripley Census of 1810

Still a part of the State of Massachusetts….Ripley was known as Township Number 5 in the Fifth Range in the District of Maine.

This list comprises the first settlers of this township. Many of these men were taking up land grants given to them for service in the Revolutionary War. Some of them were sons or relatives of veterans of The War of Independence and were settling on grants purchased from others. There are 24 Heads of Household listed. The total population was 117 persons.

The Headings of the form are as follows:

Names of Heads of Families Free White Males Free White Females All Other Free Persons Slaves

Under "Free White Males" and Free WhiteFemales" the distinctions are as follows:
Under 10/ 10 thru 15/ 16 thru 25/ 26 thru 44/ 45 and over

Names included in this census* in order recorded and as spelled are:

Thomas Horn
Browning Fish
David Sturges
John H. Tucker
Stephen Tucker
Silas Emery
Joseph Gray
Isiah Brooks
John Gray
Nathan Burton
John Davinport
David Cyphers
David Maloon
Samuel Emery
Josiah Page
Daniel Randal
Edward Levitt
Abijah Sturtrvant
Jonathan Dickey
Nahemiah McDaniel
James McFadden
Winston Libby
Jacob Hale
Jonnas Field
*Census conducted by Jacob Hale

For example:

Jacob Hale’s household consisted of himself (he was between the ages of 26 – 34), 2 males under 10 years of age, 1 female under 10, and one female 16 – 25.

The first white child born in T5 R5 was Jaal Field. In 1810 there was only one female listed in Jonnas Field's household... she was listed as 10 thru 15. If Jaal survived early childhood, this could be her, and would put her birth c. 1799 - 1800.

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