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Census of 1820, Ripley, Maine

Ripley Census of 1820

In comparing the 1810 and 1820 census reports, we find that the population of Ripley has more than doubled from 117 to 325 in ten years. Of the original 24 settling families, 12 remain. These are: Cyphers, Davenport, Dickey, Emery, Fish, Hale, Leavitt, Libby, McFadden, Page, Randall and Sturgis.

Maine has separated from Massachusetts to become a state.

The Headings of the form are as follows:

Names of Heads of Families/ Free White Males/ Free White Females/ Foreigners not naturalized/ Numbers of Persons Engaged in Agriculture/ Numbers of Persons Engaged in Commerce

Under Free White Males the distinctions are as follows:
Under 10/ 10 and under 16/ between 16 and 18/ 16 and under 26/ 26 and under 45/ 45 and over

Under Free White Females the distinctions are as follows:
Under 10/ 10 to 16/ 16 and under 26/ 26 and under 45/ 45 and over

The 50 Heads of household in Ripley, Somerset County, Maine in 1820 are: (alphabetically)

Moses Bane
Joseph Butler
Metiah Cobb
Nathan Clark
Elijah Clark
*David Cyphers
Andras Cobb
William Dunlop
*John Deavanport
*Jonathan Dickey
Thomas Downing
Atkins Elice (Ellis)
John Emery
*Samuel Emery
*Browning Fish
Francis Frost
William Hoit (Hoyt)
Thomas Horn
*Jacob Heald Esq. (Hale)
Elijah Hambleton (Hamilton)
Earron Harris (Aaron)
Forrist Hatch (Forest)
Jonathan Hambleton (Hamilton)
Jessie Hambleton (Hamilton)
Jonathan Jones
Fosse Hambleton (Foss Hamilton)
John Jones
Zachens? Judkins
Benjamin Kimble (Kimball)
Ephraim Knowles
Abigail Jackman
Charles Leighton
Samuel Leavitt
*Edward Leavitt
Abraham Littlefield
Moses Leighton
*Winston Libby
Bela P. Morse
*James McFadden
William Hopkins
Edward Perry
*Josiah Page
Ephraim Pettengill
*David Randall (Daniel)
John Roggers (Rogers)
James Roggers (Rogers)
*David Sturgis
Samuel Sparr
Polly Thurstin (Thurston)
John Todd
Joseph Tyler
George Wild
Jonathan Watson
Ephraim Watson
Richard C. Roggers (Rogers)

* designates H. of Household from 1810 Ripley census.

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  1. Do you help do genealogy search for the town of Ripley? I am interested in the Cook Family.


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